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Our 2024 Real Estate License Renewal Program

Complete your 14 Hour CE Requirement

 and Cycle 7 Code of Ethics & Fair Housing at the same time.

Day 1: Morning Session    3.5 Hours

Broker Take Care!


  This course meets the requirements for the Mandatory Course every agent must complete prior to renewal

Day 1: Afternoon Session    3.5 Hours

Fairville, USA Revisited


  This course meets the requirements for Fair Housing Education. Topics covered include service animals versus emotional support animals; Landlord-Tenant issues, etc.

Day 2: Morning Session    3.5 Hours

Data Collection & Verification


  This course includes topics that will improve the agent's ability to better serve their clients. It presents the many ways to obtain data and verify the data, thus, improving representation of your client's property or buyer's knowledge about the property.

Day 2: Afternoon Session    3.5 Hours

Code of Ethics -Cylce 7


  This course meets the National Association of REALTORS requirements that all agents must complete before December 31, 2024.

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